On the way to Design Museum with Finland Fulbrighter and US Grantees.

–  Where are you from?

–  I am from Vietnam.

–  Oh, I really love Vietnamese food.

–  Thank you. Actually, I am in love with Korean food.

–  Ohh. What do you like?

– Uhmm bibimbap ( oh), japchae (ohhh) :”)

–  And do you like K-pop?

–  Yeahh, I do. And also Korean movies, dramas. I love Korean culture.

–  Oh (laugh). Who do you like (singers)?

– IU :”)

–  Oh I see. Do you know BTS?

– Yes, of course. Teenage girls in my country are crazy about them :)))

– Really :))) My daughter also likes them. I don’t know why though :))) Do you?

– Uhmm (pretending to find a reason even though there was already a dozen inside my head), I think maybe they dance well, and their music suit teenagers’ taste :)))

– Oh, okay I see :)))

Such a short yet beautiful conversation with the wife of a US grantee who was born in Korea but has spent over 20 years in the US.


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